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Bon Robe is an online retailer of bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, and the latest special occasion dresses.  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Our Story

You know a great dress can make you feel happy, confident, and yourself. Finding that dress should be fun and easy. Well, years ago while working in special occasion retail, I noticed that many online dress stores had a jumbled collection of dresses - great dresses were mixed among outdated and unwearable ones. That is why Bon Robe was started: To share a collection of dresses selected for quality, affordability, and style. Our online boutique is curated for pieces like that pretty dress you pinned from an inspiring wedding board, or that designer dress from the magazine you've had your eye on.

Our mission at Bon Robe is to help you find the dress you're looking for and to make dress shopping as simple as possible. Whether you're looking for the latest styles, something beautiful and wearable, or live far away from a dress shop, Bon Robe is your destination to discover some of the best special occasion dresses out there. 

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Customer Care

At Bon Robe, getting your order right is a priority. Order details are carefully checked and each item is inspected before it is shipped out.

  • We offer secure online ordering through high level SSL encryption.
  • Your privacy is extremely important to us and we will never sell or trade your information.
  • We make every effort to have our policies easily accessible and clear on our website.

Made in the USA

Bon Robe is a United States online dress shop based in California. Your order is shipped out from California.  A lot of our items are designed in Los Angeles and some are manufactured in LA as well, that is, made in the USA!


Bon Robe   •   from the French literal translation meaning "good dress"